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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Little Guy got chickenpox.  And sleep has been officially non existing since...  It started Saturday evening with Little Guy running a fever, I figured he was just "beat" from all the activitites in the last few days.  #1 had her Birthday party, and with an extra 6 girls in the apartment, I figured he had had enough!!  Well, during the night to Sunday he was awake a lot... More than usual.  He's almost 17 months, and still wakes up every night, that's normal, but this was an "every hour" type of thing.  Sunday morning he was pretty warm from fever, and acted very whiny (well, when you don't get enough sleep, that is usually what happens).  Big Guy took him for a walk, and he really enjoyed the fresh air and fell asleep, and stayed asleep outside in his stroller for 1½ or so!  Wow!! 

I had seen a little dot on his back, and one on his face, but didn't think too much about it, until later that afternoon when I talked to my cousin.  His little boy had broken out with chickenpox Saturday night.  Aha!!  In the next few hours he kept getting more "pox", and now he's pretty much covered.  Night to today I got 2 hours of sleep.  Yohooo!!!  I feeeel aliiiive!  Not.  Little Guy kept rolling and twisting and turning in our bed (after crying and fussing all evening).  Then from 2 to 4 he screamed more or less the whole time... (not really neat when you have neighbours living upstairs...)  He's not the quietest person either.  Around 5 he finally settled down, and I guess I slept a wink before the alarm went off at 6:45.  Now he's cruising around in his diaper looking like a white fabric with red polka dots...  I look like a white sheet with 2 holes for eyes... (ghost??)  Well, well... "This too shall pass", like some wise person said.  I'm praying for a big dose of patience and maybe a wink or two of sleep....  Yawwwn.... later friends!


mamman said...

I'm still waiting to see the purse on here...

Sofia L said...

Yup - I wanna see it too. :)
Hope little Trisse will be better soon. Love ya all!