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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1 year Anniversary!

One year ago, today, we woke up early and headed for the International airport in Helsinki, Finland.  To say we were excited about the trip, would be an understatement.  We were going back home!!  Home to big maple trees (and maple syrup...), familiar stores, family and cousins and many dear friends!  Home to our old stomping grounds.  Yes.  We were excited.

Looking back, seeing what this year brought us, I almost need to sit down and catch my breath!  Whew! What a ride!  From when our plane first touched ground in Halifax, us only catching our plane to Toronto because they held it for us!  Finding a house to rent, buying cars, signing kids up in school, waiting for our overseas shipping container to arrive...  Also seeing everyone again, after 3 long years away! The two youngest hearing everybody speaking English, being able to understand everything being said!! (they had no memories of that from when we lived here before).
Then, me finding out we were expecting another baby.  Excited and nervous.
Then Hubby working out of town, for 7 long months....
I often felt like our life was on hold during that time.

Early May we greeted a perfect, beautiful, baby girl into our lives.  She has been such a blessing, and we can not imagine our lives without our newest little princess.
Hubby was able to take two weeks off after her birth, and then he got laid off, so his paternity leave got unexpectedly extended.  Something had to be done, and despite us feeling quite wiped in many ways, another move was in God's plan.  Now we have lived in our new home for almost 2 months!!  Crazy.  We really like our new place, as well as the city, surroundings, friends and work.  God has been good to us and lead us during this last year, as he has in the past.
I can't say it was always a smooth ride, but life seldom is.

Looking forward to see what this next year has in store for us!!

And yes, we certainly miss Finland at times.  I have found myself crying, more than once, while thinking about our many dear friends over there.  And of course, the candy, saunas, beautiful nature, coffee and chocolate ;)

I do have to add one thing... I LOVE the fact that I again can understand and speak and write the language that is used where I live!!!  I have often caught myself being so thankful for this!!

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