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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We are still alive!

Well, well!  I am attempting to write a brief post, letting you know that we are still alive and well.

We have now lived in our new house for 4 weeks, and time has not stood still, not even for a moment!
So, what has happened?
We moved, and the move went as well as a move can go.  You know, messy, stressful, hair pulling, little sleep... and somehow it took place.  The day before we had to leave our previous rental, I felt tired and spent.  In many ways.  It's always emotional to move from one place to another, not really knowing what lays ahead.  It's also tiring and stressful.  No matter how much you prepare and organize and prepare in advance, the night before is always crazy.
It was the kids' last day of school.  Newborn baby to look after. One of our vehicles broke down... And you know, the daily stuff you need to do, like eat and stuff.
A few times I felt a few tears burning in my eyes, and I kind of felt like hiding in a closet and pretend that this wasn't our life.
But then you keep on going and make it happen.

The drive up to our new city, went well.  I drove the mini van (that Hubby had time to repair in the midst of the moving madness!, only a new starter motor required) and Hubby drove the Suburban with a trailer in tow.  I only had to stop 3 times to feed baby, so not bad!!  We made it up here early evening and unloaded the trailer and whatever stuff we had in the cars.
Then the 6 youngest kids and I spent Fri-Sun at friends house, while Hubby, friend's hubby and oldest daughter returned down to pack up the house in a moving truck.
Of course the big truck we had ordered wasn't available, so we got a smaller one, that didn't fit quite all of our stuff... So the following weekend Hubby had to drive down one more time to get the last of our stuff in a trailer.

In the mean time I spent the weekend at our friends' house, and several of our kids got stomach flu.  Gotta keep it interesting!!
Monday night we spent in our new home, and it felt nice and exciting.

Now my baby woke up and I need to feed her, but here is bit of what has been going on as of late!  Will write more later, but will sign off saying that life is going really well for us right now :)

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