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Monday, June 9, 2014

...and life can be a smooth road too!

I need to share an update, since we have some good news to announce!

First of all, last week we were going up to look at a house that we wished to rent in the city that we are about to relocate to.
Last minute the guy, who was offering the house for rent, backed out of the deal.  We felt pretty let down and discouraged by this, asking ourselves what we were really supposed to do.  Maybe we should stay where we are?  Hubby looked into different job options and we took a hard look at our situation.
If we decided to stay where we are, and no job comes up, our situation will just stay the same and that's not what we want.  So knowing that he has work elsewhere, we figured we need to find a rental where he has work, but IF a job comes up locally, before we find a rental, we'll stay here.

It's not like we "want" to move just to move.  We moved in 2010, 2011, 2013..so yeah, it's not THAT appealing in itself.  But sometimes you have to make changes, in order to achieve the desired change in your life, long term.
We also know that the house we are in right now is temporary, so regardless, we'd be looking for a different living arrangement before long.

So, after talking back and forth and reminding ourselves of what our goals are, not just for the moment, but also down the road, we prayed for God to show us the way.
I had a wish to find a house in a specific area, where we have friends and that is also close to schools, shopping etc.  The friends also have a daughter with diabetes (like our 3rd daughter) and they are already good friends, so we had wished for them to live close to each other for support, and maybe even be able to go to the same school.
A few weeks ago we had found a rental close to this family's house, and it sounded very promising.  I couldn't believe how well God was lining up things for us.  Until that deal fell through (due to the lady's plans changing).  I was so upset when that happened, but knew in my heart that God had something else in store for us.  Something that would better suit our needs.  But how could it be better than that?
Then we had the second house lines up, that also failed to work out.
So, like I said, we prayed that God would show us the way.

There was an ad for a big house, on a really nice street, up for rent.  It even had a pool in the backyard. The problem was the high rent.  One of my friends asked me to contact them anyway.  So I did, figuring there was nothing to lose.  My hubby also called and talked to the landlord, and she had some people come look at the house that evening.  She said she'd let us know how it went.  Well, those people didn't work out, and neither did several other families that came to look at it.
On Thursday she sent us a bunch of pictures of the house and we emailed back and forth.  We were able to find common ground on the rent amount and after some more emailing during the next few days, she told us "The house is yours!" on Saturday eve!!
She trusted us her house without even meeting us, saving us a trip up there.
God surely walked ahead of us, preparing the way.

It's always so humbling, and such a great reminder, that God is indeed almighty and HE leads the way where we are supposed to be.  And yes, this house WILL be better than either of the other two.  So with thankful hearts, and busy minds, we now have 3 weeks to get this place packed up and our family ready to move!
Off to yet another new start, leaving a good place behind, knowing we have a good place ahead of us.  We are truly blessed.

And thanks for all the prayers, they were needed, we felt them, and they were heard.


Tjooho! said...

Vad bra att det ordnade sig till slut :) Vill gärna se bilder på huset. :) Måste ni köra långt för att komma till andra kristna och till bön eller finns det i närheten av vars ni ska flytta?

Kram/ Ida

MeWoman said...

Vi kommer att bo i Sault Ste Marie,dar det finns en forsamling. Ser fram emot att inte behova kora over till USA, som vi gor nu, varje gang man ska pa bon!

the6thek said...

hey you......busy bee!!! maybe u hang with sis mary in july....her and steven headed to Zoo :) wish i could snugglw with your baby while u pack boxes ;)