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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nothing much.

It's been a while since I last blogged.
It's not like my life hasn't been busy, there's always something going on, and I wish my ears had photographic memory, so that I could relate some of the hilarious things our 2 youngest say!
They are 2 and 4, and each day it seems like something they do or say, gets the rest of us howling.
But it also seems like so many people these days literally share anything and everything in their lives, via Twitter and FB, it gets to a point where I'm asking myself
"How much do people really care??"

At times I read things on people's FB status, that makes me wonder
"Do you not have any friends to talk to?  Or do you just need attention?  Or do you honestly feel that your 4 last status lines about "At Starbucks", "Left Starbucks", "Drank my dubblelattewihoutmilkbutwithsoyaandstrawberries", "Went to the bathroom, 6$ down the drain".... really need to be shared?  Are you THAT important?  Or what is it?  "Hello world, remember me? Oh yeah, how can anyone forget about a person that reminds their 938 BFF's about their every move...?"
I might sound sarcastic (Noooo? really?), but hey, what is it with this excessive information sharing overload?

Of course I choose to go on FB and read these things, which might happen every few days, but it seems like the longer it goes between times I visit FB, the more pointless checking peoples status lines seem.  Of course FB can be used for chatting, messaging and sharing pictures too, and at times that is useful.
My point, or question, is, Why do we share all these things?
Are we just bored?  Is there an empty space that we need to fill?  Are we lonely?  Do we look for acceptance and approval?  Are we insecure?  Do our lives need to seem more interesting than they really are?  Just wondering.

Besides pondering this deep topic I can share that January has been snowy and fairly mild around here.
Kids have spent a lot of time outside, and have had time to do some skating.
Our regular laptop had its motherboard die, so if I want to go on the computer, I need to use one that is in our office upstairs, not very convenient, meaning I've spent very little time on the computer.
Not a bad thing.
I have taken more walks than I normally do, and tonight I'm going for my 1st Body Balance class.
Exciting.  And scary.
I know I'm in pretty bad shape, but I'm afraid tonites class will remind me of just how bad things are....
If I'm still able to type after tonite, I'll share my experience with you.
And maybe I'll drop a line on FB too...  :)

Today I noticed a beautiful shiny object in the sky, and one of my friends reminded me that it's called the Sun!!  That thing should be around more often... 
Today our diabetic daughter and I went to see her dietician (1st time), and it turned out she only spoke Finn... She understood English OK, but did not speak it much.  Good opportunity for me to see how much I understand of this @#%# language... and guess what?  I understood NOTHING!!  Things are going from bad to worse!  He, he, just kidding, I actually GOT IT!!  Yohooooo!!!!!!! One point for me!
Maybe not every single word, but most of it!  We talked about the diet, bloodsugar, carbs and blah blah, and sure, it was good that I was able to reply in English, but still.... Hoot hoot!
Do I seem insecure?  Needing to blast my own horn like that?  Well guess what, I AM when it comes to Finnish!  SO there, now you can all give me a firm tap on the back!  Moikka!

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