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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Never a dull moment...

Our life is usually pretty busy.
The last few years have been especially so.
As many of you know, we've moved overseas twice and moved twice in addition to that, since summer 2010.
We built a house in Finland, and before that we had a house that was built for us, but that we finished the basement, deck, fence, driveway and yard on. Our first home was a tiny shoe box that we lived in for 3 years that we did some major renovations on, while living in it.
Anyway, with life being so full of constant change, you get a bit addicted to things happening on a regular basis.

This last year included a new baby, a move, hubby starting his own business and lots of snow.
Not sure what the snow had to do with this, but it was worth adding.
I have maintained that "We are not making ANY big decisions or changes for at least another year!".
But between breaths we have of course talked about all sorts of big plans, mostly regarding our next house. We have realized that buying an older house is not worth it where we live now, so we pretty much "have" to build again....
So, since we are fairly crazy and often forget what we just "decided" only a few days ago, we bought a lot!


So yeah, we are building a house!  Chop, chop, here we go again!!  Wish us luck!
I am actually very excited, this will give me something to do, and to blog about ;)

On a side note I'd like to add that our friends that had the apartment fire are doing really well.  The husband has made some remarkable steps forward in the last 24 hours, and we have much reason to Thank God for this.  Please keep them in your prayers.

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Sandi Oliverio said...

You are a very strong, woman Kaisa!
Frank and I have lived in this house for 15 years. With that from day one, I had a LOT of 'renovations' hoping for and planned. A few have taken place, and a few started but not completed. Today, as we dug out old dying shrubs, and overgrown flower beds due to a few years of 'hit and miss' when we could get to it, between caring for elderly parents we started laughing. (You know when you both know you're on the same wave length.)...and Frank said, "Wouldn't a condo be nice?!'
Keep us posted on the progress of your new home, and the family as well. Wishing you both best wishes in this undertaking.
Your friend,
Sandi O