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Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring is my thing!


I hope I have enough time to compose a little something.
I realized exactly a whole month went by since my last entry, and although nothing too earth shaking has taken place since then, I figured I'd at least say a polite "Hello!".

Guess what?  The snow is gone.  Yup.  True story.  It sure didn't look like it had plans of leaving, at all, ever. But it did!!  (Let's all give the snow a round of applause for realizing that it was time to bid farewell, for this time).
I have spotted spring flowers.  Yup.  Just like that.  They hardly gave the snow enough time to depart, before they decided to greet us with their lovely selves.  Thank you, spring flowers, for arriving, you made me very happy.

We are still enjoying temperatures around freezing, but we have also had a few "heat waves" when the kids enjoyed wearing just short sleeved shirts outside!!
They have had time to ride their bikes, play soccer and football and other sports.
I have had time to enjoy driving on bare roads and taking walks, feeling pavement under my feet!

So, I guess we can safely say that the arrival of spring has been the most important happening in the last month!  I appreciate all seasons, really I do, but between you and me, I think winter overstayed its welcome this year.  It can be a bit rude like that.

What else?  Our adorable baby is walking, started a few weeks ago, and it's SOOO cute!!  She'll be ONE on May 3rd.  And no, I have no clue where that time went.  I do know that we have enjoyed her so very much though.  So much so that my old self is almost catching a case of the baby fever.  Almost.

Hubby has been blessed with more work than he has time for.  When you are running your own business, the most assuring feeling is knowing you have enough work ahead of you, so we are feeling very blessed.  And the fact that he works from home sure is an extra bonus.  We have traveled some lately, and he just brings the laptop along and works while I drive!  Pretty neat!

Oldest daughter is doing well, between 11th grade, work and boyfriend.  She dreams of moving out soon, and I am getting ready for her departure!  Nothing is happening yet, but maybe this summer!  I used to wonder how you as a parent get ready/prepare for your children moving out/growing up.  Well, now I know. Them becoming teenagers, never being home in the first place, and acting like a 3rd adult in the house (but not paying any bills), help.
I love her so much and we have such nice visits, but at some point, your little princess becomes BIG!  And this new, bigger child, needs to try her own wings, and I want her to do that.  Not so I can say "See!, it's not that easy!" (well, maybe a little bit because of that too...), but because LIFE!!  You need to learn to stand on your own two legs, and I feel that she's very ready to do so, making her own mistakes, forming her own habits.  So whenever it happens, I'm ready to send her on her merry way!

Daughter number 2 is doing so, so well, but we have our ups and downs.  I just found out some things she'd done when she wasn't feeling so well. (last fall)  Things that made me sad, upset and surprised to hear about. It's one of the worst feelings as a parent to find out stuff that your child has done, and you feel like everyone else knew, but you.  I don't want to seem like the kind of parent who thinks that MY kid could never do wrong.  I know they can.  I know I did.  But it's still hard when you realize that bad things happen.
Fortunately all is taken care of and she corrected what she did wrong, what more can I ask?
In school she's gone from failing 2 classes (pre adhd medication), to being in the top of her class!! (post medication).  Quite amazing!, and I'm so happy for her.
She literally LOVES going to school.
So, over all, she's doing amazing.  Her mood is great, almost all the time, she's way less anxious, and she just seems HAPPY!!

The rest of the gang is chugging along.  2 more months of school, and we hope to enjoy a LONG, nice and waaarm summer.  I'm eyeing the pool, waiting for the last layer of ice to melt away.  We have lots of stuff going on in the next few months, our 3rd daughter will be graduating from elementary school, and in the fall we'll have 3 kids in high school!  Weird how fast they grow up.
Good thing we have our little girl as a reminder of the baby years, otherwise I might have already forgotten about the night feedings, dirty diapers, teething etc.  But just like the seasons change, so does our life, and I'm doing my best at enjoying these years, since I'm starting to realize just how fast they go by!

Happy spring wherever you are!

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