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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring is here!!!

Spring is here.  Not really.  But it sounded good, so I wrote that.
It's actually snowing as I write.  But 1st day of spring did arrive last week, with no signs of it at all.
Our snow is more or less gone though, so bonus to that.

But, let's not talk about weather, soon enough we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity.

On another note, today I have 6 more weeks to go to my estimated due date.  Not bad!
I waddle forward and am feeling more and more ready for this new person to make its entrance.
I have more and more discomforts and sleeping is kind of a joke.  I am out of breath and get very light headed when I try to do stuff.  Good thing I can just sit on the couch and stare while my house takes care of itself ;)
He, he, he.  Super funny.

Last week our oldest daughter turned 16.  SIXTEEN!!!  What???
It feels way more recent than that.  I very clearly remember a bright eyed little bundle, full of joy and poopy diapers, that we brought home on a cold March day.  I felt absolutely and utterly clueless.  I felt that the hospital staff was incredibly irresponsible for allowing me to take her home, as if I knew what I was doing!! But sure enough, at about 40 hours young, they sent us out the door, wishing me luck as a first time mom.
My husband had an evening shift and all his family were out of town, so there we sat, the new baby and I, trying to figure out how this baby business worked!!
Somehow we survived those first few weeks.  Our baby cried.  A lot.  And nothing fell smoothly into place. I kept looking for an instruction label on her, but all in vain.

And now, our little guinea-pig, turned 16.  I don't know how, but she actually turned out quite OK!
Now she's getting ready to get her beginners licence and looking for a part time job.  She's kind of almost grown-uppish.  

It gives me hope to see my big kids grow up and becoming decent young people, knowing that I still have many more to raise.  I very much enjoy my younger ones too though, realizing how fleeting their "little kid" stage is.  Our 4-year old keeps me laughing every day, he's a hilarious kid, and he knows so many things, I can't help but being impressed.

We are all looking forward to meeting the baby.  My hubby is worried he'll be at work (2 1/2 hours away), when I suddenly have to go to the hospital.  It's actually quite likely to happen, but I am not worried.  It will work out somehow.  I kind of hope I get to shock the socks off of him and interrupt his day with a "My water broke" phone call :)
He has promised to drop his tools and run when the time arrives...
I can totally see him doing that, and the image makes me smile.  He's so excited, like we've never had a baby before.  Or maybe it's because we've had babies before that he's so excited??  Regardless, I love seeing dad's so excited about becoming a dad again.

Well.  As you can see, the new baby is what's on our minds most of the time these days.  I pray for strength and patience these last weeks.  At times it sounds soooo long, and then I'm all "WOW!! it's really coming up!! I wonder if I'll remember how to take care of a newborn again!!"
But at least we had our guinea-pig 16 years ago, and a "few" after her, and they have all taught us something, so I bet I just might catch on again.

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