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Friday, December 20, 2013

First fall behind us...

I can hardly believe we are already off to Christmas break!
The kids have finished their first fall back in school in Canada.
Over all it's gone well, readjusting to living in Canada has been WAY easier than when we first moved to Finland.  But it hasn't only been easy.
Our 7 year old has been homesick for Finland quite often.  She was only 4 when we moved over there, so almost all of her memories are from there.  She had several friends living on our street, and she loved school there.  Lots of time outside, and lots of free play.
Now she's in 2nd grade and the workload is quite a bit heavier.  She's catching up with her friends here, but since she was only in Finnish Kindergarten last year, it's a big jump to go straight in to grade 2!
One evening we were sitting in our living room, listening to Finnish Christmas songs, and she started crying.  I did too.  We hugged, and cried, and missed Finland.
It felt kind of good in a way.  Quite a few times while living in Finland I was very homesick for Canada, and I wasn't sure how much I'd miss Finland when we moved back here.  I am glad to realize how many good times and memories we have, and to anybody who asks me, I tell them that I'll never regret our time over there.

Our 2 oldest still LOVE high school.  I hear new stories every day.
So much fun!  People would often tell me "Wait till they are teens!!"
Well, now they are, and I think it's great.
Of course there are times when I think they'd be better off in a zoo, but that hasn't changed since they were 4 and 5...
Our other girls are doing fine as well.  They like school and enjoy being together with their cousins.
Our little guy is one of the most animated kids I have ever met.  He's hilarious and very intense.  He sure makes my days go faster!
Hubby has now been working out of town for the last 3 months.  It's gone fast, but at times the weeks feel long.  We only have Sundays together, and often that feels like too little time to catch up on everything.  He's taken a few odd days off, in order to take care of paperwork, run errands etc.
Next week he'll be off for 6 days straight!!  Can hardly wait.
We sure are looking forward to Christmas and a break away from everyday life.

I am past half point in my pregnancy, and over all I feel good.  I can tell my body is getting older though, with veins bugging me more and more.  Not fun.  It's actually quite painful.  Yuk.
We had some snow, actually, last weekend we had a storm and got around 20-25 cm dumped in our area.
Here that means chaos, since most people don't have winter tires on their cars, (us included).
Now it's raining and melting away though... Too bad.  But supposedly another storm is on its way, so we MIGHT still have a white Christmas.

Looking back at the 4 months we've now spent here, I must say it's gone really well over all.
It's easy to forget to be thankful for being healthy, having enough food to eat, a warm house to call home, great friends and so many other things that make our lives smooth to live.
We are looking forward to the coming year, there are many things on our agenda, but meeting our new baby will surely be the highlight of 2014!

Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New year.

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