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Monday, November 25, 2013


Wow, it's been almost a month since I last wrote.
It doesn't feel like I have a whole lot to share, but at the same time I know I've been plenty busy.
When making such a big move, there are so many things that need to be attended to.
And I am still tying up loose ends here and there.
The first month back, I didn't even feel like thinking about anything that involved any kind of brain activity.  I managed that basic stuff, like getting kids on the bus in the morning, keeping up with laundry, unpacking the most essential of our stuff, and making sure that everyone was fed and reasonably clean.
Now I'm slowly getting back in the groove of doing a bit more.
I want to find some energy to prep for Christmas!!

Last Saturday Hubby had the day off.  The first Saturday in a long time that he didn't work.  So, the two of us went Christmas shopping, grabbed a nice lunch together, and just spent time catching up with each other. When he's gone all week, and only at home on Sundays, there isn't much time left for us as a couple.
We both truly enjoyed a day to ourselves.
The kids decorated a gingerbread village at home, so they had fun too!

Earlier this month we celebrated our third daughter's belated birthday.  She is 12 now, and is really getting in to science.  Weird to think she'll be a teen in another year!!  She's so sweet and fun, and she really enjoys being back here.  But she also misses her friends in Finland.
One day she told me how she miss walking home from school!  It was a 20-25 min walk, up a long hill, but I can see how that time outside was relaxing and refreshing.

Last Friday I went on a field trip with daughter #5.  She's in grade two, and it was so much fun to go with her and her friends!  They are so cute :)
Last week I also had another visit at my midwife's and we could hear the baby's heartbeat!  It made me so, so happy.  At the end of next week I'll have another ultra sound, and we might find out the baby's gender :) Very exciting!!
Our little kids have so many questions about the new baby, and they are very, very excited.
Our youngest daughter, she's six, told me one morning:
"Mamma, I hope this baby doesn't die!"
I agreed with her.
For each week I am getting more and more excited, and if we find out the gender... I just might shop a tiny bit...
Some days I'm pretty tired, but over all I feel good.  I'm an oldie being pregnant, but I don't feel OLD!
I guess that's a good sign!!

Well, there's not too much to write about.
Life is moving along, it feels good to be here, but at times I have moments when I really miss some of my friends from overseas... wishing it wasn't so far away.
I will miss Christmas there as well.  It's so cozy with the snow, tons of candles in the windows and, well, the yummy chocolate and treats :)

Hope you all are hanging in there, and not stressing too much during this time of year!

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