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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life is settling in

I thought it's time for a little update of life back here in Canada.
We've enjoyed a beautiful fall, with lots of sun and warm weather.
I LOVE that part here.
Since I've been in my first few months of pregnancy, and seriously trying to catch my breath after our overseas move, I didn't get outside as much as I would have liked.
Nausea and fatigue took the best of me for a while, but since it also means that things are going well so far this pregnancy, I'll take it!
I did have an ultra sound last week, and I was VERY nervous before hand.
I wouldn't even look at the screen before the technician told me
"There's definitely a baby in there!  It's moving like crazy!"
I felt a huge sense of relief, gratitude and finally I dared to feel really excited.
Walking back to the car, with the ultra sound pictures safely in my hand, I had tears in my eyes and the biggest smile on my face.  I could hardly wait to call hubby and let him know that all looks well so far.
After two losses I truly feel that each baby is a miracle.
A blessing and a gift given from above.
We don't know how long we get to enjoy any of these little ones, and after losing two already in my womb... well, I can't wait to hold this little one close to my heart.
And it's a reminder to love and appreciate the ones we already have, even more.

Hubby's been working out of town for about 3 weeks now and last weekend he has 3 days off.
We actually went out of town to attend a baptism to our newest God child.
We had a nice trip and really enjoyed our family time (not sure how much our 15 year old enjoyed the traveling part, but that's life for a 15 year old with 6 younger siblings...)

The kids have now been in school for 1 1/2 months and so far things are going well.
Our two oldest LOVE high school and the younger ones seem to like their teachers and classes as well.
It's been an adjustment for our two youngest school girls, in grade 1 and 2, to go so long days.
The older one went to Kindergarten in Finland last year, but since they start school a year earlier here, she's now in grade 2.  The younger one went to daycare a few days a week in Finland, to be with other kids and learn the language, and now she's suddenly in "real school" full days, every day.
They do like it though, so I think they'll be fine.
I do miss the wonderful playground back at their Finnish school....
Here the schools are so worried about getting sued, that kids are very limited to what they are allowed to do outside.  Sad.
Fortunately at home it's not so strict!, they can be outside an do what they want.

One of our girls, she's our 3rd oldest, actually told me the other day that she misses walking home from school!  In Finland she and her younger sister walked or biked home on a regular basis, and even if it sometimes seemed like a chore then, she now misses it.
I personally like the convenience of school buses, but I can see her point.
It was a nice time to be outside, get some fresh air and peace and quiet after being in school all day.
Right now we live off of a buys road too, so they can't go walking or biking around here.
So, whenever we are able to buy a house, I'll definitely keep that in mind!  (that there will be walking and biking trails close by)

Well, most of the time it feels good and right to be back here.
I do however catch myself missing things from Finland.
I know I'll miss part of the winter.
Not the darkness or -35 C, but when there's tons of white, fluffy, sparkly snow on a cloudless winter's day.
The nature and the trails I often walked.
I remember my last few months in Finland, especially if I was out for a walk, thinking
"THIS I will miss"
There are trails and nature around here as well, but not right outside my door!
You don't end up going as often if you have to drive somewhere.
It feels good to miss some things, it's a sign that living there was a treasured experience.
And it also make the things we like here more clear and obvious.

Well, our life is buys and I just realized I need to start preparing for Christmas soon!
It will be fun to show the little kids all the decorations and things that they do different here.
And I'm sure we'll miss more than one thing from overseas........


Anonymous said...

Once again it was fun reading of you! This is a little moment for me to think in English :)
Nice that life is settling in!
Today it is snowing over here 1st time this Fall :)


Henna M said...

Jag har inte kommenterat det här tidigare, men:
Jag önskar dig(er) allt gott med graviditet och jag verkligen be för gud att allt går bra! Det är trevligt att läsa, så som alttid när du skriver. Jag får träna mitt super dåligt engelska. Tur att det finns google translater;)

MeWoman said...

Riikka, I bet it looks pretty! But I'm very OK if I don't see those pretty, white flakes for a while...

Henna, Tack! Jag hoppas ocksa att alls gar bra den har gangen. Hur gar det med er? Trivs Riku i skolan?

Sofia L said...

Been looking fwd to an update. Nice to read!
And, yeah - I wouldn't mind shorter winters either... ;) maybe we should move there too?! ;)

Henna M said...

Ja, det går.. bättre:). Riku trivs i skolan och snart börjar han praktik i en restaurang här i luleå. Spännande!