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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A secret traveler...

When we left Finland we didn't know there was an unknown traveler on the plane.
Nobody else knew about this person either.
Well hidden, in a very nice and safe spot, this being got to come along for the ride.
Only God knew.

The first week and a half back in Canada was a blur of activity, and despite being jet-lagged I had a surprising amount of energy.
Then some afternoons I just crashed.
Like beyond tired, tired.
Could not keep my eyes open even with match sticks.
I figured the last few months activity finally caught up with me, and my body took the chance to relax.

I felt quite spaced out too.  It was very hard to focus on the stuff that needed to get done, but with such a long list to check off, I didn't pay too much attention to that either, who can always be 100% focused?

Well.  Then the signs became more obvious and I swung by the dollar store for some cheap tests.
Right away one showed positive, and also the next one.
Yes.  I am pregnant.
And if this time all goes well, we are looking forward to welcoming our little Finnish souvenir in early May.
Thankfully I have a lot of symptoms this time (which also is kind of tiring) so I take that as a good sign that this time the baby will be healthy!

We told the kids last week in a fun way.
I had written the words "Our mom is having a baby" on 6 pieces of paper, then put the folded pieces in to zip-lock bags that I marked with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.
I hid the bags in the living room and then the kids had to find "their" bag.
The oldest got bag #1 the 2nd bag #2 etc.
Daughter #5 didn't have a bag, so she got to read the announcement when they were all done finding their bags and had lined up in order of age of the couch.
They opened the bags and held up their word, facing away from them, so #5 was able to read the message.
She's 7, so it was very special for her to be the one reading it out.
They were so excited and I loved seeing their expressions when the message sank in :)

So, yet another thing happening in this household!
I'll keep you up to date with the progress and this time we are REALLY hoping things work out!
3rd time is a charm, right?


Anonymous said...

Didn't I say things will go like this... ;) SO happy of your great news!! We sure hope and pray that everything will go fine this time with you and baby!! Tons of hugs!

Riikka with Hannes + kiddos

Sofia L said...

So happy for you all, and can't wait to welcome our new cousin/nephew/niece next year! :)

Still love the way of "TELLING the kids..." (I've lived too long in Norway...) Hehe.

God be with you all!
Love and hugs,
Sof with mine :)

The Best Chapter said...

So happy to hear the wonderful news! I have two sisters who are also expecting around the same time or after you. So exciting. We hope that God will bless us with more babies also. Levi will be a baby a little longer, so I want to enjoy this stage before preparing for another little one. Children are such blessings and we are so fortunate to have our two darling boys. Welcome back to this side of the globe!!

xxoo Deanna

Sanns said...

Tänker och ber för er. Hoppas allt går bra. <3 Kramar.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Exciting time for you now... and busy! Welcome back to this side of the globe. Hope all goes well with babe : )

Kristin S