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Friday, December 9, 2011

Here's the boot!!!

310223-01001Annelie, here she be!!! Ain't she a beauty???  Love them.... <3 <3 <3 Kaisa


MeWoman said...

This post was uniqely created to ease my sister's curiosity!! (this is what the boots that I just go look like)
(how do you spell uniqely anyway??)

mamman said...

uniquely! Haha! Thanks for the picture - I DO appreciate it! And yes, the boots are niiice. They are timeless - and when I hover over picture I see they're ecco?? SPOLIED BRAT, you... Okay okay okay I take it all back. you deserve them after all you went thru.

MeWoman said...

If you live in a land where you NEED boots like these for 5-6 months of the year, you kind of want them to last for at least a few winters...( = go for quality) they were on sale too btw! but yeah, classy eh??

Sofia L said...

Ecco is the best! Classy and nice boots - me like! (Too bad I can't walk with high heels... I KNOW that heel aint too high, but...is for my feet anyway.)
Boots on sale?! DREAM!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello.... Thinking of you this week as my parents are with yours as i type!!!! Wish we could sit down & have a cup of coffee together! oh well this is life. hope you are feeling good! kids are off now til the new year so sitting @ the library they all wanted books to read! hope to hear from you soon. miss & love you Krista:>

MeWoman said...

MISS you too!!! the coffee idea sound splendid.... xoxo :)