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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Guy!

Happy Birthday Little Guy.  You are 2 now!!  Time has gone so fast, and now we have this little guy running around, ruling the household.  He gets into his fair share of trouble, but not any more than some of his sisters at the same age.  I bet when I have the baby, he'll make up for any wasted time thou...
Our Little Guy has been talking in sentences for many months now, and now he's starting to say the more "big kid" stuff, like : "No, that food is yukky!" , "No, I don't wanna go sleep!"
No is a very well used word.  If I ask for a hug he usually says "No!", then I say, "Please??", and he'll say "Tay!" (he can't say "K" yet), and come over and give me a snug.

He's starting to think that he doesn't need naps anymore!  Bad idea for a guy who likes to wake up 1st in the household... I try to be firm on this one, but you really can't MAKE him fall asleep!  He'll spend 1½ hours in his bed, talking, singing and playing games, but won't sleep.

So.  How was it the day this little guy entered this world?
Well, 2 days before, I went for my weekly pregnancy checkup, and my Dr said:
"You are due on Saturday, if you come to the hospital in the morning, we can induce you then!"
Saturday was my duedate, and he figured with baby #7, I had been pregnant long enough.
I agreed, although I wasn't sold on the idea of being induced... But to plan it on a Saturday was so convenient, since my Hubby worked in the States at the time, so if I went in to labour with him on the other side of the border, and a potential line up at the bridge coming in to Canada, I couldn't deny the offer.
We were also able to plan babysitting service at his moms, so that was practical as well.

Early Saturday morning, Oct 24th 2009, we piled our 6 girls in the Suburban and dropped them off at grandmas.  A week before, my hubby's brother and family had a baby boy, so of course we all wished for a boy even more now!
Coming to the hospital they hooked me up to antibiotic and IV, since I tested Strept B positive, and you need to have the antibiotic for 4 hours before the baby is delivered.  I walked the halls attached to the pole carrying the IV+meds.  We had a lunch at the hospital cafeteria, and I was kind of impatient getting into labour.  Nothing was happening yet.  Around 3pm or so, they broke my water (I had been at the hospital since 7ish, but things got really hectic on this day, with a few emergencies, so I was pushed down the priority list)  After breaking the water I had to stay in my room, and things were kind of draggy.  Nothing much happened.  I tried to stand and walk in different ways to get things going.  Nothing happened.  They put me on oxitocin (like the body's own hormone that puts you in labour), and they kept cranking it up....  Early evening I was finally getting some decent, but not very steady contractions.  I'm not a very patient person, so needless to say, I was getting frustrated.  The nurse told me to enjoy the rest...
She was really nice btw, and hung out with me and my Hubby for many hours, just visiting.  Since I was in a high risk unit (mandatory after having so many babies), I had my own nurse, so she wasn't wasting her time.

I finally got some good contractions going, and I needed some laughing gas.  1st time I used that, and I liked it.  (I was trying to go without an epidural)  I rocked in a rockingchair, which was soothing through the contractioins.  Around 8pm things strated to get intense.  I was still only 5-6 cm dilated, and wasn't sure how long things were going to take, and I felt like my bladder was going to explode from all the preassure... so I asked for an epidural...  I got it quite fast, and 20 minutes later our 8 lbs boy greeted the world.
There were cheeres from all the nurses, as well as the Dr and my Hubby.
"A BOY!!!"
Nobody could believe that this girlmaking machine was capable of this!
I had to ask them if they were SURE!!
"Yes, we are sure!"
Then my Dr asked Hubby to cut the umbilicy cord, and I'm sure he didn't mind, alhtough his vision was blurred from tears.  On his face was also a HUGE smile!  He had a SON!!!

Of course it doesn't matter what the gender of your child is, but there's a reason why there are girls and boys on this planet, and there are differences between the genders as well, so after having 6 girls in a row, although being very different from each other, having a boy was wonderful!
Coming home from the hopital, our livingroom slowly turned light blue... Cards and gifts were everywhere.  This was a special little guy!  Some people felt sorry for the poor thing, having to grow up surrounded by all those sisters (and at times I do too..., I worry he'll never get married, since he'll know WAY too much about women from growing up in this household)  But mostly he's a lucky little guy.  His needs have always been met, he's loved beyond words, and pretty much anything he does is cute and adorable.
HE is cute and adorable, with his round head, round blue eyes, and... yeah, everything.
And he's SO boy.  100%.  Amazingly enough!
He does have a really tender heart thou, and he loves his stuffed Winnie bear, and his sisters, and especially his mom and dad.
And we love him too.
So increadibly much, it almost hurts...  I have to agree with our 12yearolds comment:
"You just can't get mad at him!"
No, you just can't...


Sofia L said...

Cuuuuutest li'l Trisse ever, as I said in my txt msg. So wanted, so loved. Happy Birthday Little Guy! :)

mamman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA from us too!! How fun! Couldn't believe it when he was born - now I'm used to telling people about the 8th wonder of the world.

MeWoman said...

I still can't believe it either. We are just in awe about this little man. He has made his way into our hearts, and he couldn't be any more perfect! <3<3<3