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Monday, July 4, 2011

Greetings from Tallin!

So... totally randomly I went for a mini-vacation with 3 really fun single friends of mine.
These 3 gals had planned this trip a while back, and before they went to Estonia, they visited us for a few days.  Hearing about their upcoming SPA/Hotel vacation, made me drool a bit... and then I popped the question and asked if there would be room for me!  They were gracious enough to let me join them, so on Friday morning we got up at 3.30 am, and hit the road just past 4 am.  We drove to Helsinki to catch the early ferry to Tallin at 7.30.  The boatride is 2 hrs, so by 10 o'clock we were already checking in to the hotel!

The hotel is a conference and SPA hotel, so even if the visitors weren't hanging out wearing white robes and slippers 24/7, there were many neat SPA like features.  You could lounge in the SPA area and sip teas or different waters whenever you wanted.  There were many neat treatments to choose from, and I tried the chocolate wrap (AWESOME!!!), a foot/pedicure treatment and a facial.  The estheticians were very professional and did a great job.  All products were amazing and all natural!
The 1st day the 4 of us were ultra giggly from lack of sleep and excitement, so we took a great long walk touring this old Hansa town.  There are so many old buildings, and we climbed up some seriously tall and steep rock stairs to reach a "balcony walkway" that was running along the old city wall.  From up there we had a beautiful view of the city.  The wall was built almost 800 years ago!  We enjoyed some great food and had a fun, fun time together.  It was neat hanging out with single girls, since the topics of our conversations varied a lot more than they usually do when a bunch of moms hang out!  Neat.

In the afternoon we split up to attend various treatments, and then we had a light supper before chillaxing in the pool area.  There were several pools, hot tubs, an aroma sauna,(the lights keep changing colour as different aromas are released into the sauna) a salt sauna (you rub seasalt on your body as you sit in there, and the skin gets really really clean!), heated mosaic recliners!!  (they were actually concrete recliners covered with small white tile) SO cool!, jetshowers... etc.  It was nice.

On Saturday we enjoyed a large buffee breakfast, before again splitting up for more treatments.  After some lunch, we took a taxi to Pirina beach, a 10 min ride from the Hotel.  We had amazing weather, and I think everybody in Tallin had the same idea that day.  The beach was packed!  But we still enjoyed the sun, sand and saltwater.  Sipping a cool strawberry smoothie is never boring either...
Back at the hotel we showered and had dinner, and after that me and one of the girls had to head back to the ferry...  the fun had to end.  The other 2 girls stayed another night and flew home to Norway the next day. 

This getaway was so sudden, but I truly enjoyed it!  Thanks girls for taking me along, you are a great gang!  Besides some trips with my hubby in the past, I can't remember having this much fun in a long time!  My stomach feels "toned" from all that laughing!  (can you tone a marshmallow??)  And it was truly relaxing.  I feel very thankful and fortunate, and  I hope this break will give me the energy I need to "hang in there" as we are adding the last few touches before moving in to our house...  More on that later!

http://www.meritonhotels.com/Kuvagalleria/id/434/# Here's a link to the SPA photo gallery if you want to "check it out"!!


Sofia L said...

SOOOOO well deserved!! So glad you were able to go. Just hoping that I'll be with ya next time. ;) Sounds like a nice place. What language do they speak, English? Have had some Estonian tourists up here, and their English is pretty nice.

MeWoman said...

Yeah! You would have loved it all! We got along fine in English, and I noticed how my Finnish knowledge, although limited, helped me out several times when reading signs, as Estonian and Finn are quite close! Man, if laughing was an olympic sport, we'd have the gold medal! Do come along next time! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds reeeeeeeeaaaaallllll nice! Glad you enjoyed it! When you gonna move in?
see you in a few days.

MeWoman said...

tnx enya. I miss you! Welcome HOME real sooon! Not sure about move in date yet... but soooon! :)

They call me aggie said...

Sounds dreamy!
Some of us gals here are trying to plan a weekend getaway. Although not as nearly as exotic as a ferry to Estonia, Seattle should be fun. Hey, maybe we can take a ferry into the Puget Sound to watch whales to make up for it ;0

Whatever the getaway may be, it will be great. It will mostly involve lots of sitting around (since mothers will be getting away) and 2nd handing (since we all love a unique bargain).

MeWoman said...

Aggie, It WAS dreamy! I felt like I really submerged myself in the vacation and savoured every moment of it! Good luck having your own time away! (at times that can even be a few hours of undisturbed time at some 2nd hand stores, rounded off at a coffee shop!!) I haven't had a break like this trip for several years, so it felt like I needed it times 10...